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      1. Port and the Douro

        This book is an essential and up-to-date reference to one of the world's greatest wines and the finest mountain wine region. Richard Mayson recounts the history of Port up to the present day and gives a thorough analysis of the vineyards and grape varieties, with a geographical directory of the top estates or quintas. Port production and the full range of styles, from Ruby to Vintage, are covered in detail.


      2. Madeira: the Islands and their Wines

        Richard Mayson one of the world's leading authorities on Madeira has written a unique book on the island of Madeira and its wines and explains what it is that makes Madeira so special. Richard is a lecturer and consultant on wine, writing articles for Decanter and The World of Fine Wine magazine, award-winning author of five books on wine, Chair of the Decanter World Wine Awards for Port & Madeira Wine. 'Madeira: The Islands and their Wines' Mayson's latest book is a very fine, concise and up-to-date introduction to Madeira. "There is a depth of knowledge and information in this book delivered with a limpidity that I found captivating." Jancis Robinson


      3. C?te d’Or - The wines and winemakers of the heart of Burgundy

        C?te d’Or may be small in size but its influence is huge and it can strike terror into the heart of even the most seasoned wine professionals. It’s an intimidating terroir but Raymond Blake’s companionable C?te d’Or shows clearly how illusory those confusing labyrinths are. This book tells the whole story of Burgundy and paints a complete picture of life there: the history, the culture, the people, the place, the geography and the climate. Blake transports the reader to the heart of Burgundy. PRE-SIGNED COPIES


      4. Anjou Untamed - The Face behind the Wine

        Anjou Untamed is a book of incredibly beautiful images by highly skilled photographer Jean-Yves Bardin. In May 2017 in China, Anjou Untamed received the prestigious Gourmand Awards 'Best in the World' in the category 'Special Award of the Jury' and the category 'Best Wine Book Translation'. The English text is written by Patrick Rigourd and Bernard Reeves. This book a journey through the vineyards of Anjou in the company of portraits of winemakers who are as direct and authentic as their wines. The images of the 48 wine producers featured are dramatic often taken at a fairly wide angle. These winemakers produce natural, organic or biodynamic wines.


      5. Breakfast in Burgundy by Raymond Blake

        Laced with compelling writing about French food and its ways, Breakfast in Burgundy is part travel memoir, part foodie detective story, and part love song to Raymond’s adopted home. This book tells the story of the Blakes’ decision to buy a house in Burgundy. Raymond describes the moments of despair—such as the water leak that cost a fortune—and the fantastic times too. Each book is signed.


      5 Item(s)

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