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      Herbs - Spices

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      1. Albert Ménès - Herbes de Provence

        A blend of French herbs from Provence to enliven your cooking. The perfect seasoning for typically Mediterranean recipes, barbecue dishes, sauces, fish, tomato-based recipes or even pizza.


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      2. Albert Ménès - Poivre Noir en Grains

        Use whole black peppercorns in stocks and marinades; grind fresh for a riot of flavour in salads; show it at its purest with extra virgin olive oil and salt over pasta. A surprising accent in sweet dishes like fresh strawberries with balsamic vinegar. Pepper grows in clusters on creepers. In order to get black pepper, green beans are harvested prior to maturity and are then dried in the sun for several days. The green beans wrinkle and get their final colour: they turned black. The beans are then sorted and graded.



      3. Albert Ménès - Thym

        Thyme is a subtle herb that no French kitchen would be without. Use to flavour marinades, stews, casseroles, scent a tomato sauce, season meat cuts to be grilled, make roast chicken taste like a French grandmother cooked it; knead into bread or focaccia dough. Called "farigoule" by the people from Provence, thyme is a perennial plant from the garrigue with small pink flowers.


      4. Albert Ménès - Noix de Muscade

        Whole Nutmeg is the stone of the fruit of the nutmeg tree, it contains the essential oil of nutmeg. Whole Nutmeg, when freshly grated unleashes flavour and aroma. Its sweet nature enhances potato gratin and creamed spinach; grate it as needed—not before—and let the bouquet take over the house. Essential for spice cakes and cookies, and just as inviting in pumpkin pie. Sprinkle onto cauliflower or Brussels sprouts; put a pinch on whipped cream topping for hot chocolate. The jar is filled with six fruits and with a mini grater.


      4 Item(s)

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