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      Tel: 01 667 1311

      Int: +353 1 667 1311


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      1. Albert Ménès - Pine Nuts

        These pine nuts have been selected for the inimitable flavour, their large size and for their light crunch. Essential for making pesto. Pine nuts are also delicious slightly roasted spread on top of a rocket salad.


      2. Albert Ménès - Grilled and Salted Valencia Almonds

        No one can resist the temptation of these whole almonds harvested in Spain, gently roasted and salted after blanching. Delicious with pre dinner drinks. Perfect match with a glass of Sherry.


      3. Albert Ménès - Noix du Périgord

        These walnuts have been hand harvested in the Périgord and are from the Franquette variety. They make a perfect snack. If slightly toasted on a dry pan they can be added to a green leaf salad seasoned with a walnut oil dressing. Perfect for confectionary as well.


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      3 Item(s)

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