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      Sardines - Fish Soups

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      1. Albert Ménès - Sardines à l'Huile Olive

        Caught off the Atlantic coast, the whole sardines are a nice plump size. They are carefully selected and prepared with utmost care in a very old traditional fashion with fresh fish.


      2. Albert Ménès - Smoked Cod Liver

        The cod liver is a delicate and refined entry, to be enjoyed on small grilled toasts, appetizer bites accompanied by asparagus tips or a salad of green beans seasoned with olive oil and lemon.


      3. Albert Ménès - Sardines Petit Mousse

        These skinless and boneless sardines are very popular with children. Their preparation requires the greatest care and it is carried out by artisans who have a precise knowledge of the know how.


      4. Albert Ménès - Boneless Sardines

        These sardines are caught in the Atlantic Ocean and are carefully selected and prepared in a "old-fashioned" way. Eviscerated and then topped by hand, they are then cleaned before drying on a wire rack.


      5. Albert Ménès - Bisque de Homard

        Exclusively cooked with Breton blue lobster caught very deep, off the brittany coast. This delicious soup is prepared following an authentic recipe.


      6. Albert Ménès - Thon Blanc

        This tuna is from the Albacore variety, the finest and rarest quality of tuna. Its flesh is clear, hence its name of white tuna. It is preserved in extra virgin olive oil.


      7. Albert Ménès - Sardines Millésimées

        The vintage sardines are chosen for their size, larger than usual sardines. They are therefore more fleshy and lend even more to ‘confisage’ in olive oil. These large sized sardines are caught in the Atlantic Ocean at the end of the season.


      7 Item(s)

      per page