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      Tel: 01 667 1311

      Int: +353 1 667 1311


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      1. Le Petit Duc - Nougat Classique

        Using only the purest ingredients of the highest quality – French almonds (33%), sugars, glucose, honey and egg whites – Le Petit Duc creates a nougat that remains soft.


      2. Confiserie Fouque - Nougat blanc

        An exceptional artisan nougat from Provence cooked in copper cauldrons over 100 years old, in the tradition since 1864, and manually packaged.


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      3. Braquier - Avola sugared almonds

        These Duchesse Dragées are made with Avola almonds, the finest example of sugared almonds. Delicately crunchy due to the immaculate coating; an incredible blend of sugar and vanilla. This coating is poured slowly from a ladle, drop by drop over the almonds as they turn in copper cauldrons.


      4. Pierre Angué - Pates de Fruit

        An assortment of 18 fruit jellies: ‘Quetsche’ plum, quince and wild blackberries. They are made from perfectly ripe wild and organic fruits. These fruits are slowly cooked in copper cauldrons to ensure exceptional quality. This is the selection of the best fruit and the slow and careful cooking of their generous pulp that make the paste so soft and sublime. Here you have the incomparable know-how of Pierre Angué and the perfect balance of sugar and the fruity flesh. Delight sweet lovers with these handmade Pates de Fruit.


      4 Item(s)

      per page