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      Vinegars - Balsamic Vinegars

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      1. Jean Leblanc - Vinaigre de Vin Rouge - 500ml

        Nice acidity, vibrancy and fine perfumes for this vinegar aged in oak barrels. This vinegar goes perfectly with many seed oils for well-built vinaigrettes.


      2. Forvm - Cabernet sauvignon - Bittersweet Vinegar - 250ml

        Elaborated out of high quality Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Catalonia this vinegar contains 25% grape juice which gives sweeter, more rounded flavours than most vinegars.


      3. Forvm - Chardonnay Bittersweet Vinegar - 250ml

        Forvm Chardonnay is unique in its genre. An ideal vinegar especially for fish and seafood and for creations with slow reductions. Endless possibilities and the results are surprising.


        Out of stock

      4. Valdespino - Sherry Wine Vinegar

        This top quality, delicious sherry vinegar is a carefully balanced blend of older and younger vinegars. The result is a wonderfully sweet and complex vinegar. It's perfect when used sparingly to add a fantastic depth of flavour.


      5. SoTaroni - Sweet Pedro Ximenez Vinegar Gran Reserva 25 - 200ml

        A vinegar accentuated with grape must from the Pedro Ximenez vineyards, aged for 25 years in American oak barrels. Use to add rich fruity flavours to dressings and marinades.


      6. La Vecchia Dispensa - Balsamic Vinegar - Red Label

        Red Label Balsamic Vinegar used to be called ‘8 Year Old’ before the new, stricter PGI regula ons came in. Rich and complex, with a lovely sweetness imparted from the wooden barrels it has been aged in, the texture is dense enough to make it very good for dressing salads as well as in cooking.


      7. La Vecchia Dispensa - Balsamic Vinegar  - Yellow Label

        This is the equivalent of the old ‘10 Year Old’ Balsamic Vinegar. Getting slightly thicker and more complex every year, this is great choice if you want something a little rich.


        Out of stock

      8. La Vecchia Dispensa - Balsamic Vinegar - Green Label

        The Green Label vinegar (15 Year Old) has sweetness to it, but it is never sticky, as there is enough complex acidity to make it useful in both dressings and cooking.


      9. La Vecchia Dispensa - Condimento Balsamico - Violet Label - 40ml

        Fragrant, with a syrupy texture and wonderfully nuanced flavours imparted by the mixed wooden barrels of oak, cherry, chestnut, juniper and mulberry. This vinegar comes in a lined presentation box, making it a brilliant gift.


      10. La Vecchia Dispensa - Balsamic Vinegar - Blue Label

        The Rolls Royce of Balsamic Vinegar, the Blue Label - once labelled as ‘20 Year Old’ - is thick, sweet and very moreish!


      Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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