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      1. Les Impitoyables - 'Le Taster' Wine Tasting Glass

        'Le Taster' has been designed to savour the maximum aromas in the minimum amount of time. The smooth, slimline design brings all the qualities of a wine to the fore. Each sensation is amplified, the aromas unfold and the quintessence of the wine is revealed. Mouth-blown, 'Le Taster' has two hollows - one at the base and another o


      2. Schott Zweisel - 'Siza' Port Glass

        The Siza Port wine glass is design by the Portuguese world’s famous architect álvaro Siza Vieira and authorized by the Port Wine Institute. Manufactured by Schott Zwiesel, this Port wine glass was engineered to enhance the experience of drinking and enjoying the delicious wines from the northern Douro Valley of Portugal.


      3. Richard Brendon x Jancis Robinson - The Wine Glass

        One glass for every wine. The only stemmed glass you will need to enjoy every wine at its best. Use this glass for every wine, whatever its colour, including sparkling wine, port, sherry, sweet wines and anything else you want to savour and enjoy to the fullest.


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      4. Zweisel 1872 - 'Enoteca' Sherry Glass

        'Enoteca' Sherry glass embodies a new interpretation of a traditional shape. The elongated and only slightly tapering bowl creates an “aroma chimney” to support the optimal balance for various types of sherry with strong alcohol concentrations and highly expressive characters. Perfect to enjoy a glass of Fino, Manzanilla, Amontillado, Olorosso, Palo Cortado or Cream.


      5. Zweisel 1872 - 'Enoteca' Red

        Perfectly designed to highlight the aromatic spectrum of red wines, this 'Enoteca' Red Wine glass guarantees a perfectly balanced sensory experience of opulent fruitiness and concentrated tannins. This glass will allow great red wine to “bloom”.


      6. Zweisel 1872 - 'Enoteca' Burgundy Glass

        This glass is ideal for red and white Burgundy wines and also suitable for fine and fruity red wines such as Pinot Noir. The bowl of the glass is quite voluminous therefore encouraging intensive contact with oxygen.


      7. Zweisel 1872 - 'Enoteca' Champagne Glass

        The bowl of the 'Enoteca' Champagne glass tapers upward to concentrate the fine aromas and multifaceted fragrances of refined Champagnes. The complex bouquet optimally develops thanks to the dimensions of the bowl.


      8. Zweisel 1872 - 'Enoteca' White Wine Glass

        The 'Enoteca' White Wine glass has a slender elegance. The size of the glass provides ample room for white wines to develop their complex aromatic structures and mineral notes. The tapering of the upper portion of the glass concentrates delicate and layered aromas.


      8 Item(s)

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