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      Tel: 01 667 1311

      Int: +353 1 667 1311

      Richard Brendon x Jancis Robinson

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      1. Richard Brendon x Jancis Robinson - The Old Wine Decanter

        This bottle-shaped decanter allows you to decant a mature wine off its sediment whilst ensuring that it is not exposed to too much harmful oxygen.


      2. Richard Brendon x Jancis Robinson - The Young Wine Decanter

        This is a generous and bold decanter for young wines needing aeration and maximum surface area for the wine.


      3. Richard Brendon x Jancis Robinson - Water Carafe

        This is the bottle-shaped old wine decanter without the stopper, an understated and versatile water carafe that follows the form of the Wine Glass and the Water Glass to create a beautiful and refined suite. It also fits in the fridge door, keeping your water - or white wine - perfectly chilled.


      4. Richard Brendon x Jancis Robinson - The Wine Glass

        One glass for every wine. The only stemmed glass you will need to enjoy every wine at its best. Use this glass for every wine, whatever its colour, including sparkling wine, port, sherry, sweet wines and anything else you want to savour and enjoy to the fullest.


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      4 Item(s)

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