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      Tel: 01 667 1311

      Int: +353 1 667 1311


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      1. Johanneshof Reinisch Dialog

        Made of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Sauvignon Blanc. The wines are fermented separately, Sauvignon Blanc in stainless steel tanks and Chardonnay in large oak barrels, after which the final blend is made. Very captivating scent of exotic fruits including lychee, biscuits and butter tones. The palate is delicately creamy with an elegant acidity. A vibrant ‘cutting-edge’ wine that would pair well with fish as well as white meats, pasta dishes and vegetables.

        750ml bottle


      2. Johanneshof Reinisch Pinot Noir

        Pinot Noir is considered by mnay to be one of the most exquisite varieties in the world.Johanneshof Reinisch's Pinot Noir vineyards are found in the best sites on the property. Charming elegant fragrance and a good intensity, with smells and flavours of raspberries and a touch of blackberries. Soft, charming fruit, round tannins and a lingering finish.

        750ml bottle

        Offer Price €23.50

        Offer Price €18.50

      3. St Laurent

        From an uncertain origin, but nowadays considered an austrian speciality, this outstanding St. Laurent wine impresses with a bouquet reminiscent of forest fruits, sour cherries and marzipan. This wine was aged in big oak barrels and matches excellently to all kinds of roast, dark meat and wild poultry.

        750ml bottle


      4. Johanneshof Reinisch Pinot Noir Reserve

        Has a lovely colour with bright Pinot aromas and is laden with rich juicy, red fruit flavours. A serious alternative to Burgundy.

        750ml bottle


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      5. Das Phantom Kirnbauer

        Dark berries, spice, juniper on the nose, fresh on the palate, nice toast notes, red fruits rich spice, wonderful finish.

        750ml bottle


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      6. Opitz One 1993

        A wine to stir the dessert wine lover’s soul. A charming cherry-orange hue emitting aromas of strawberries and rhubarb. But it is the palate that reaps the most rewards — an elegant coating, intensely flavoured, its sweetness lost to the seamless interplay of dark fruit and minerals. Fruit compote taking on a refined alcoholic complexity.

        375ml half bottle


      6 Item(s)

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